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AJ Shea Construction can provide expertise in residential energy efficiency, performance, comfort, and affordability and will work with you to incorporate energy-saving materials and technologies into your project.

We have built dozens of custom homes that feature products and techniques designed to minimize energy consumption and incorporate National Association of Homebuilders Green Home building guidelines, such as:

  • Ensuring air barrier continuity in framing
  • The use of high R-value insulation materials and techniques
  • The use of low emissivity and inert gas filled windows
  • The use of high efficiency oil and gas boilers
  • Installation of Energy Star labeled appliances
  • Installation of heat recovery ventilators
Icynene Insulation

Icynene insulation.

AJ Shea has recently begun to use the Icynene Insulation System® to treat residential structures. It is a fully integrated insulation system that completely seals the building envelope and allows control of air movement and moisture within the walls.

AJ Shea construction has also built a number of homes that use passive solar heat to supplement conventional HVAC systems. These spaces feature south-facing glazing, appropriately designed thermal mass to prevent overheating and provision for airflow to adjoining rooms.

We have also built a custom home that features a geothermal heat pump at the heart of the heating and cooling design. This ground source system uses three closed-loop wells on the property to deliver heating and air conditioning with great energy efficiency and heats the domestic water tank with heat exhausted from the system during the summer months.

Geothermal heat pump.

AJ Shea is especially proud of their recent installation of the state's largest commercial photovoltaic array and can provide a comprehensive solution to integrate active solar power into your new home construction or renovation.

Please contact us to discuss how we can plan and build your "green" project.

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